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Naked Leader Week – 48 – Monday 29 March 2004

David answers the most received questions about his second book, The Naked Leader Experience, publishing worldwide on Thursday 1st April 2004

  1. “Why a second book?”

 When I wrote “The Naked Leader” I had no idea how popular it would be – feedback suggests there is a huge market for common sense. Indeed, many people write to me that there is a conspiracy out there to keep success as complex as possible. I want to make it as simple as possible.

Book one was “naked” because it hopefully stripped away the hype, jargon and mystery from success. Book two is “naked” because it takes us back to the unlimited potential on the day we were born, naked.

Finally, I have received thousands of e-mails from around the world from people asking the big question – “How do I apply this stuff into my daily life, and really make it stick?” – “The Naked Leader Experience” addresses many of the “Hows” in our lives.

 “Is it written in the same way as book one, a choose-your-own adventure

with different journeys, all ending on one final chapter?”

 While most people seemed to enjoy the way book one was written, I received many comments from people who read books from front to back, and felt they were not properly looked after! So, book two gives three choices, front to back, in the order that I wrote it or in anyway that the reader wants.

The book is split into three “journeys” – Reclaim your Birthright, Reignite your Relationships / People and Reinvent your Organisation.

Book one ended on chapter 42, in homage to Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe,” this book ends on chapter 22, after Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22.”

Unless you read it in your own way, in which case it ends on the last chapter you read!

  1. Will there be stories and anecdotes in it, as there were in book one?

As with book one, the best parts of the book will be those written by other people! I was sent over 5,000 stories for inclusion in book two, which was overwhelming. The most challenging part of writing it was deciding which to use and to leave out.

The stories in book two are absolutely amazing, deeply moving and life-changing – they all made me laugh, cry or think at a very deep level.

  1. You summarised book one as “Your future – Your choice”, how would you summarise book two in a single sentence?

Be the very best that you already are

  1. I hear book three will be the final part – “The Naked Leader Adventure.”

Book three is going to be very different – a true choose your own / role-playing adventure for adults. Readers will travel on a journey of their own-making, choosing which doors to open, decisions to make and path to follow. And readers will choose who they travel with, so it will be different every time.

We will also be launching a parallel online game, and much of book three will be “played” out in real life.

That is the “what” – I am now working out the “how”!

May I finally say a massive thank you to everyone who is reading this, who has read book one, or who is helping spread these messages around the world. Remember, they are not mine to give to you, or yours to take – they are already yours, and have been yours since the day you were born. Please tell everyone whose lives you touch – they have within them amazing and natural gifts, genius and potential. By doing this you are changing the world – for good.

With love and thanks





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