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The Philosophy of Garry Hill

The Philosophy of Garry Hill

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The Philosophy of Garry Hillgaryy_hill

So Garry, manager of Woking FC, walks into the Boardroom before a recent home game, and he turns to me and Rosalind and tells us the following:

“I’ve just had one of my players come to me and he said ‘Garry, I’m playing well this season – really well, can you give me a bit more money please?’ I said I would think about it, and then I suddenly thought – you know what – in all my years as a manager I have never had a player come up to me and say  ‘Garry, I’m not playing well this season – really badly, can you give me a bit less money please?’

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  1. Nice story! Are you coming to Forest Green Rovers on Tuesday night? I am sponsoring the match -v- Woking as both teams celebrate 125 years in football.

  2. Very interesting take on play and pay. If we applied this to the England football team over the years they would be paying me to watch them and I would be very wealthy indeed.

  3. Difficult to believe that a manager like Hill would allow a player to call him Garry.
    ‘Garry I’m playing well this season…bit more money please’
    Hill, ‘You’re fined son, call be boss or gaffer, i’ve told you before.’
    Hence player actually ends up with less money and no pay rise.

  4. Interesting that players never ask for less. Nor do managers incidentally.
    Players actually desrve more as they are directly affecting the team.
    And what makes a good manager?
    In sport a good manager is someone who has a winning team. The moment they stop winning, ie, when they get promoted from Championship to Premier league in football, they are considered to be not such a good manager.
    Why is this?

    • Because football is about what players you have in the team, not who is in charge of it. Just ask Brendan Rodgers. Or imagine being the manager of Barcelona three years ago! Yes, you really could have managed it.
      We all could.

    • Great managers are able to speak to players in a way that means they don’t want to get involved in money talk. It’s vulgar.
      Incidentally, Garry Hill has been involved in many clubs, not all of them having survived financially, which seems at odds with him turning down players for pay rises?
      Good point well maid though.

  5. Yes, footballers always ask for more, never less, even though they don’t desrve all they get.
    Then again, some managers can only do well on a big budget and always have that as a fall back excuse if things don’t work out well.

  6. He’s a good manager, not a great, but good at what he does with a budget. And not giving extra to players means he has more to bring in better ones.

  7. Another good post…excellent stuff and maybe Mr Hill will prove himself to be a good manager this season as Woking will be in the promotion play-offs?

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