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The Psychology of…

The Psychology of…

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The Psychology of…

Why people – why you and everyone you know and meet – do what they do.

New Scientist once wrote ‘The idea that people are rational, is risible’ – yes indeed, however, people are predictably irrational.

On the 14th May, in a once only event in 2015, I will be sharing The Psychology of Leadership, Customers and Success – 3 events in a day. For now, here are 7 advance ‘how-tos.’

As always, these are proven (in every culture); practical (you can do them today) and powerful (they work).


(The Psychology of Leadership)

1. Get the very best from people while inspiring and engaging them at the same time –  find out what they are passionate about in their job, what they love doing (these are also likely to be their strengths) and ensure they do these each and every day – don’t get hung up on people’s ‘weaknesses’.
2. Build rapport with anyone at work – find out what their greatest need is, right now, by listening (you don’t have to ask them, they will tell you in the course of everyday conversation), and offer to help them achieve it. PS You then have to actually do it!

(The Psychology of Customers)

3. Stop ‘selling’ – we all hate to be sold to, but we love to buy. Every potential customer, client or indeed human being makes every decision to buy – or indeed every decision – based on a mix of moving away from pain, or moving towards pleasure. You will be able to tell which is more important for them by the language they use – do they talk more about the fear of something not happening (‘pain’), or the hope of it happening (‘pleasure’)? Use the same preference language they use. This increased sales in one retail Client by 25% in a week.
4. Make them feel important – It’s not about you, it is all about them. They don’t really care if you were formed in 1845 etc. – when visiting a client or customer for the first time take a folder with all they need to know about you. Then talk about them. Can you imagine going to a doctor, telling her you have a headache and her responding, “I am so glad you came to me, because I studied at Imperial College and then went on to…”?

(The Psychology of Success)

5. Change anything in your life. The fastest way to make any change in your life is to act as if that change has already been made. From ‘I will have a closer relationship with xxx’ to ‘I have a closer relationship with xxx.’ Voila!
Get a teenager to do what you want them to do.
Tell them they must not do it!

And finally one of my favourites that covers all three categories:

7. Ensure any voice-mail is returned. Simple, leave something in your voice mail to them that is…

Hope to meet you on Thursday 14th May
With my love and best wishes
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6 Responses to The Psychology of…

  1. A personal favourite of mine is –
    5. Change anything in your life – act as if that change is already been made.
    I am a healthy eater, I regularly exercise, I am confident etc

  2. I’m with you Jackie, changing something can be done through determination and will power.
    Like changing your shape, your lifestyle, your husband even.
    You only have one life, so make the most of it.

  3. I like the rapport at work aspect.
    We all need to ‘comply’ at work. You are with colleagues a lot of the time, so make the best use of it.

  4. Returning voicemails, messages, emails, isn’t that just courtesy?
    Would always do that.
    Love number six!

  5. Getting the most of people is the art of good management.
    Let them be inspired by you and show the example for them to follow, for better results.

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