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The Question That Gets The Answer

The Question That Gets The Answer

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Naked Leader Week 1023 – 15 May 2023

So, there I was, on the London Tube, in a hurry, and needing to know the fastest way to get from London Waterloo to Kings Cross.

The Tube map gave me three options – each with one change. Which was the best? Also, they have revamped Kings Cross recently, and I remember the changes mean a lot of walking. I didn’t have time for that.

I know, I will ask that Tube guy sitting in a booth, looking bored.

Now, I never intended to ask the question in the way that I did, it just blurted out. Instead of asking normal questions like:

‘Which is the quickest way to Kings Cross please?’


‘Where is the best place to change to get to Kings Cross please?’

I asked

“Hi, if you were in a real hurry, which way would you go to Kings Cross”

In an instant his boredom vanished, he stood up and smiled, then walked up to me, and said:

“Well, if I was you I wouldn’t go any of the ways they recommend – I would go a secret way’

He was now speaking very quietly, as if to confirm this really was highly sensitive information!

“Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus – sit in the middle of the train – when you get there you can walk straight through to the Victoria Line Northbound”

“Wow, thank you so much” I said warmly, and started to walk away

He then came after me and added, in a whisper now:

“When you get to Kings Cross, don’t follow the exit signs, head for The Metropolitan Line and you will be out of the station in minutes”

And then he shook my hand!

OK – so I asked one of our Psychology advisors why I had received such a brilliant answer, in the way I did.

She responded:

“Three reasons, which can be applied to any and every question:

One – You asked his opinion which put him on a pedestal marked ‘expert’ – our brains are wired for status and you made him feel very important, a hero, even

Two – Its kind of like reciprocity in reverse – by making him feel valued, he actually felt more in debt to you than you to him

Three – Everyone loves to share something they think is a secret or not widely known, especially to a complete stranger who they are unlikely to ever see again.”


How to apply this ‘framing’ in every question?

Ask what the other person would do if they were in your situation

It is powerful, and the results are astonishing

With my love and best wishes to you all



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  1. Wow! What a great way to ask a question – very David Taylor 😉 Definitely will be using this technique more often.

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