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The Self-Esteem for Children Alliance

Naked Leader Week – 45 – Monday 8th March 2004

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 I don’t like the word “empowerment” in a business context, because of the way it is misused, however this week I share with you the launch of an initiative where the word is used with great power and passion. Please read this and pass it on to anyone and everyone who wants to connect with others in building the self-esteem for our next generation – send on to teachers, parents and law-makers. Thank you

With love


 The Self-Esteem for Children Alliance –

Together we WILL empower our children

Our Aim:

To bring together everyone in the world, who is helping to open up our children’s real potential and share in their self-esteem.

Join with us:

  • Help build the self-worth of our next generation
  • Share the legacy you are leaving for the future
  • Influence the future and the views/policies of Government and society


How are we going to do this, together?

Self-esteem is the foundation for personal growth and allows creativity to flow. Creativity frees children from the confines of bureaucracy and allows intuition to flow. Using intuition creates an empowered and fulfilled young person.

To create empowered children we are bringing together parents, teachers and society who see them in this light.

Our success has enormous implications and benefits. According to Government, low self-esteem is a common factor associated with child prostitution, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and a variety of anti-social and destructive behaviour. These are not attributes that any parent, teacher or Government would want to encourage – are they?

The Self-Esteem for Children Alliance

The purpose of The Self-Esteem for Children Alliance is to bring together and promote all people working towards these goals – being a focal point for information, initiatives and successes to create a change in attitude towards our children of all ages.

Connecting like-minded people from around the world

Please join us and become a partner in this exciting action and receive all the latest news in our regular newsletter at:

The Self-Esteem for Children Alliance is facilitated by Alan Wilson of Develop Your Child Limited (

(Thank you David for giving me the opportunity to send this out and for being the inspiration behind the idea)

With thanks to you all

Alan Wilson

Together we WILL empower our children

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