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The Talent Agenda Just Got Real

Time to Read – Two Days (or Less)

Last week I had the privilege to Chair Osney Media’s industry defining Talent 2012 event in London.

Speakers included Dr Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School, business practitioners from Diageo, Google, Tesco and Ford Retail and a prestigious CEO Panel.

After 2 days of expert input, shared research and discussion my top 3 how-tos are:

1.    Link your Talent and HR Agenda/Plans to bottom line business results by understanding your business agenda, using business language and proving the benefits (make and save money) in real, hard financial terms.

2.    Keep it simple (e.g. Talent Acquisition = Recruitment!) – there is so much going on and the people agenda is too important to confuse people. No acronyms, no jargon, keep it radically simple in terms of your Outcomes, Accountability, Decisions and Action. The brain doesn’t do complexity.

3.    There are many different strategies, opinions and how-tos, often in total conflict. Do what works for you – it will take trial and error. For example, I believe that “Talent” is everyone and the approach must be to unlock a single strength in everyone – others disagree and believe “Talent” is about the top 20% – neither of us is “right” or “wrong” – there is only what works for you, and what does not.

With my love and best wishes to you all


PS Thank you for the feedback to last week’s NL Week – which ranged from “Mozart can clearly teach us a lot about to leadership” to “were you on drugs when you wrote that one?” ALL feedback welcome and appreciated.

9 Responses to The Talent Agenda Just Got Real

  1. the “were you on drugs” comment about Mozart was obviously not from a cat lover. I am, and reading your article brought tears to my eyes – literally as It reminded me of losing one of my own dear cats last year

  2. I’m a cat lover and I too was moved.
    Equally good missive this week, albeit different. Love the variety!

  3. The bottom line is what counts.
    As does looking after your pet.
    A cat is a wonderful friend if you let it be, the key is to get a new one when the old one dies.

  4. Everyone has a talent so everyone therefore who walks into an interview has one, it’s just that you have to find it in that person.
    Of course, in an interview situation, they should bring it to the fore and make you aware of what it is they are good at.

  5. Agreed, we all have a talent. I’ve yet to find mine but I know there must be one in me somewhere!

  6. It’s not always the talented ones who get picked up, as sometimes it is the ones you least expect to get the job, such as those who might have brains, but no common sense.
    Give me common sense and creativity over brains any day of the week.

  7. It’s always best in my opinion to make sure you get a pet soon after the other one dies.
    Otherwise it is a void that is still there and you need to fill it.

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