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The three words that say it all – or do they?

Naked Leader Week – 244 – Monday 11 February 2008

Leadership from a different perspective – men! – Women, please forward to your partner

The three words that say it all – or do they?

In this valentines’ week, let us reflect on those three simple words:

“I love you”

So often translated in relationships to mean:

When you are on the phone – to end the call – replace “goodbye” with “I love you”

When you want to go to sleep – replace “goodnight” with “I love you”

When your female partner says to you – “I love you;” in simple response “I love you too”

Three words so frequently spoken, and infrequently delivered with real meaning, with total passion, with unconditional love.

So, if you choose have a valentine’s resolution – from this Thursday onwards, every time you say “I love you” say it like it will be the last time you ever have the chance to say it, because that day will come.

Or, don’t

It’s your choice, one day though, it will be too late, and you will never be able to say it to each other, ever again.

With love to you both, and to you all




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