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The Top 20 Ways to Motivate People (Part 1)

The Top 20 Ways to Motivate People (Part 1)

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The Top 20 Ways to Motivate People (Part 1)

20. Paint a clear, concise and compelling vision (outcome)

  • That appeals to people’s hearts AND minds
  • Involve as many people as you can in its painting
  • Keep focusing on where you want to go, not what you want to avoid

19. Put the past behind you

  • Apologise for the past if you feel genuinely sorry for the way you or your company handled of created problems. Emphasise the now and the future.

18. Be open and visible – and listen, really listen

17. Separate “Respect” from “Like”

16. Accept all mistakes as your own, and take the praise for nothing

  • Praise openly, honestly and specifically. When things go wrong, have open words, in private, and ensure that they stay private.

15. Put Clear Values in Place (then don’t go on about them – live them)

14. Trust your people 100%

  • It’s up to you to earn their trust, based on who you are, what you do and what you say, in that order of impact
  • It’s up to your team to lose your trust – and when they start to do so, tell them in private and how they can win it back

13. When communicating – remember who you are

  • As manager or leader, you have power over others. So, when you communicate, take actions that reduce your physical power, or people may be fearful of you and not “get” your messages. When you communicate in the department, sit down so you are at the same level, and when speaking, ask more questions than you make statements.

12. Hold Open Forums (or, as someone once insisted, “Fora!”)

  • Plant questions at the first one or two – tricky questions that you will answer
  • Speak for five minutes only, keep the rest for questions
  • They are voluntary – and keep holding them if no-one turns up – just eat the sandwiches yourself!

11. Recruit people with crazy and fresh ideas

  • We need people who think differently from ourselves, and who do not so much think outside the box, as leave the box behind. They can be attracted internally or externally, however make sure that you or your leadership team do not interview them – or you will recruit more of the same types of people!

Next Week – 10 – 1

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7 Responses to The Top 20 Ways to Motivate People (Part 1)

  1. Open forums is a good one, the art of actual communication is long gone because of technology.
    talking to each other helps!

  2. The compelling vision is the key for me.
    Spell out to your people exactly what it is that’s expected of them and then they have ‘the company vision’ which can be used as a mission statement for achievement.
    Then they can be made accountable for failure if they don’t deliver.

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