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Think ‘Customer’

CUSTOMERS hate to be sold to. They love to buy.

1. Make it easy to buy.

2. Put a person on the phone.

3. Know them better than they know themselves – be prepared, look at their website.

4. Be emotional.

5. Be honest.


5 Responses to Think ‘Customer’

  1. The person on the phone bit – in England preferably – if it is an English company calling.
    That delay you get when an Indian call centre rings is all the time you need to hang up. You just know what’s coming.

  2. CUSTOMERS hate to be sold to. They love to buy.
    this is the case when you go into some shops and you want a good browse.. you are imagining where the furniture would fit…which colours would be best…you notice other things when you’re browsing that you hadn’t gone in to look at that you might fancy…BUT NO an assistant follows you round as they have been told to sell, shake them off and you soon get another…then you leave!
    A nice friendly greeting and do you need any help is sufficent!

  3. I agree, the moment you walk into a shop and get approached by someone when all you want to do is browse is infuriating.
    Likewise, people at your door insisting that you buy something that you are really not interested in.
    A good salesman will offer help and then retreat to let you get on with things.
    The trouble is they have targets.
    So they know that, you know that, and they know you know that, it makes for an embarrassing shop.
    Still, there won’t be shops one day so the situation will no longer arise!

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