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Thought For The Month

WE do not move forward in our organisations unless we realise one thing above all else. An organisation can never reinvent itself, it can never change, it can never do anything – only its people can.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

6 Responses to Thought For The Month

  1. People mean power…without people a business is nothing.
    ‘The company’ means nothing. it is the people behind the business that make the business work.

  2. People are the company’s face which is why it is vital to have the right personnel in the front line.

  3. Products are important.
    What’s the point of having good people if the product they are selling is inferior?

  4. Products are VITAl, not just important and having the right people to sell them is equally so.
    It is a balance.

  5. You have to have a unique selling point, a quality product, a good pricing policy, reasonable debtor/creditor period and good staff to help sell it.

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