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Thought For The Week

THINK twice before employing as it can be easier and less risky to buy some skills in on a contractual basis as they are needed, avoiding the commitment and the responsibility of taking on employees when the future of your business is unknown.

If you find you need employees, remember that people are your business. The wrong people can cause you great harm. So when you meet someone for the first time in an interview, be prepared to ask the right questions, to see examples of their work, and take up referernces to help you ascertain whether they are suitable.

And, as David says in his book, The Naked Millionaire, think about the person’s passion.

3 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. Choosing the right people is always a difficult one and I am not sure it's the easiest thing to do to just go for someone's passion.I know people who have the passion to be better footballers than those over-inflated Premier League players but do they have the skill and talent? That's another question. I enjoy looking at an applicant's record and achievements and weighing up all the options.

  2. There is a lot of red tape when employing someone. So knowing what it is you want from someone and knowing what they can give you, while finding that out quickly, is key.You can normally tell the passion in someone's eyes pretty quickly. I know from experience that they can be the right p-people to target.It all comes down to being bold with your choice.

  3. The wrong people can cause you distress and that's true of a company my friend worked in which recruited a guy who eventually stole from the till. That sort of thing is really bad and can only be disruptive for busniess. He apparently gave the impression of being a good guy before doing that. Shame.

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