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Thought For The Week

THE tighter the link between a particular behaviour and a particular outcome, the more likely it is that we should engage in that behaviour. The more desirable the outcome, the more likely we will engage in the behaviour that we believe will lead to it.

4 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. My thought is ‘Act without expecting results. Be flexible and focus on the task at hand and wonders start happening’. In India it’s called Nishkama Karma- it’s the best way to pursue excellence without fretting over results

  2. I have subscribed to that theory and yes, it does work. You have to focus on one thing at a time and all will happen for you in a good way.

  3. I always try to think of what worked before, and then try and replicate that so it works again.
    So this is the same type of action.

  4. Same here, replication is what works for me.
    And if it doesn’t work, then I do something different to make sure I get a result.

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