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Thought For The Week

THERE are three ways to gain the attention of headhunters.

1. Reputation and profile – make sure you are known in the industry for the hard work you have done.

2. Networking – absolutely crucial to be known in  headhunting circles.

3. Approaching them first – there aren’t many leading ones, they are easy to get to know, phone them before they call you.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)

6 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. Good advice for someone who wants to get on in business.
    Theses are very good tips so I will try and give them a go.

  2. Headhunters can’t always be found.
    If they are around, it is not always possible to go and find them just like that. Guess that’s where the networking comes in.

  3. I approached a headhunter once. It was a Chelsea one. bit of a spat ensued. Then we got on with watching the game!

  4. Networking gets you to a certain place but you need to show your worth at work to really make an impact with any type of headhunter who might see your potential for a future role.

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