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Thought For The Week

WHEN listening to someone, it is worth watching the body language too, as, through the use of eyes and gestures, a message can be underlined and given more meaning.

3 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. You can only really listen to some one if you are in front of them.
    I agree, that’s why it is so difficult if you are speaking to people on the telephone to get them to really listen.
    Body language is the key to getting your point across. Just saying the words doesn’t really maen much.

  2. You can listen to someone on the phone provided they keep and hold your interest. You can almost imagine the body language.
    Some business has to be done on the phone, we have no choice.

  3. I listen to people on the phone but generally will do most of the talking!
    Some people are talkers and others are better at listening. I like to talk.

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