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Thought-provoking questions that journalists love to ask.

Naked Leader Week – 127 (w/c Monday 24th October 2005)

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 In  Barcelona last week, I was asked one of those thought-provoking questions that journalists love to ask.

“David, is what you have shared with us today – this idea that we have everything we need to be anything we want already within us – is this provable, in hard scientific, logical, analytical terms?”

I thought for a moment and then answered: “No”

Everyone at the conference reacted differently. What I said next came simply from my heart, and was something like this:

“Why do we always put so much importance on things having to be measured, or proved, or analyzed? Why do we have to think though ideas, and choices in our own heads before we go out and do something, or before we take ownership, or we awaken to the possibility we have incredible talent, just as we are. Surely, for whatever we think in life, we can always find so-called evidence that we are right or wrong? I am not sure any one course of action can be a catch-all solution or way forward for everyone, because we are all different, with different challenges and dreams, and on different journeys. I am sure – I am absolutely certain – that all of this thinking and avoiding decisions and action until we have proved what we are about to do will work, is one of the main excuses we use for not achieving our destinies, or from taking our organisations forward.

 What about how we feel, about an idea, about a choice, about anything? Have we as a society become so embedded in the importance of knowledge that we have forgotten the power of our own instincts, our own hearts. We are so obsessed with the word, with the graph, with the statistic, I believe it is time to go with the heart, with the gut, with our feelings.”

And of course, as with anything, we can always quote sources that support what we say, in this case the brilliant Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell

And we rarely quote sources that disagree with what we say, in this case the brilliant The Devil’s Chaplain, by Richard Dawkins

Read these if you choose – or next time you have a decision to make, listen with your head, and go with your heart.

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With al my love to you, and to those whose lives you touch




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