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Three Great Questions to ask…2…About your self

Three Great Questions to ask…2…About your self

Naked Leader Week – 278 – Monday 13 October 2008

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Three Great Questions to ask…2…About your self

Are you in your comfort zone, or your happy zone?

In other words:

Are you comfortable – getting by – with what you are doing, where you are, where you feel you are going. If so, and nothing more, ask yourself this:

Do you, deep down, have bigger ambitions for yourself, in terms of what you could be doing, where you could be, and where you could be going?

If so, you are where so many people are – you are comfortable, being uncomfortable

There is nothing “right” or “wrong” with this – it just simply is

In which case, you have a choice, do you want to stay like that, or do something about it

If you want to stay, then stay

If not, then do something about it:

  • What do you really want to achieve in life? (Go with your first, intuitive answer)
  • Take ownership – is there anyone else in the world who has achieved this new ambition, who is in a poorer place than you, with lesser resources etc.? (If yes, and the answer is yes by the way, then if you do not believe you can achieve it, you are making up an excuse)
  • Make a true decision on the what you want to achieve and close off all other possibilities
  • And then do something – and ask the ultimate question – is what I am now doing helping to make my new dream come closer, or further away – if it helps bring it closer, then do more of the same. If further away, then do something else, and so on…until you either:

Reach your “happy” – or fulfilled” or “your word” zone (and you will know when you do)


You give up

And although luck will have nothing to do with it – I wish you loads of it on your adventure




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