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Three Top Ways to be Promoted: One

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: One

Naked Leader Week – 249 – Monday 17 March 2008

Leadership from a different perspective – Your Promotion

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: One

…Is to make a strong, positive, personal impact on others. To be liked, to be trusted.

It doesn’t matter what “hard” skills you have – when it comes to interview / relationships / perception they count for very little – I know this from personal experience.

I spent many years studying and working hard on technical skills, to no avail. Certainly to no benefit on my career, because when a CEO is running through the shortlist of potential new CIOs, or when any senior person is about to meet an IT person, the first question they ask is…

…”What’s he / she like?”

The same first question asked by everyone, in their own minds, when meeting anyone, and everyone else – in an interview, in the street – whoever, whenever, wherever…

Those first impressions count – more than we may think. We make up our minds about other people in a few seconds

Make no mistake; your career success comes down to the relationships that you build. So, today, what one key person, peer or senior exec in your company are you going to form a closer relationship with?

With best wishes on your careers, and relationships



Next Week – Way Two – How to make yourself totally and absolutely indispensable…


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