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Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Two

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Two

Naked Leader Week – 250 – Monday 24 March 2008

Leadership from a different perspective – Your Promotion

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Two

…Is to make yourself completely, totally and absolutely dispensable.

Think about it – logic tells us that if we want to be valued by our companies (i.e. valued by certain other people) we should hold onto knowledge (information is power), be the only person who knows how to do things, and what to do.

Then we become indispensable

In the old days of the knowledge age – correct

In the new days of the leadership economy – wrong

It is only when you decide that you have unique skills, talents and gifts to achieve whatever you want in life – and that your present employer / company is merely that – your present employer / company, that you become truly indispensable.

Because then you share knowledge, you pass on your skills, you speak your mind in meetings – in short, you bring the real you and your real personality to work.

And there is an irony here – and I know of so many real examples – and the irony is that the moment you decide to do these things, behaviours that would in the past be seen as career suicide – you start to be valued by the powers that be, you start to enjoy your work, and you get promoted.

As long as you do it in the right way, which can be simplified as this – be confident, not arrogant, build trusted relationships and follow through.

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