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Please meet one of the most positive leaders I have ever met…Alan Maloney, Director, Sales Development of Ford Retail: 

I probably have around 192 months – 5,840 days – 140,160 hours – left on this planet.  

How will I use them?

 I left school over 30 years ago and until recently, at a sub-conscious level, I thought that I had not quite achieved all of my career aspirations, I felt there was something missing in my life, and I knew that someone was holding me back.  

And then an amazing thing happened. I discovered, took on board and started living with a totally new perspective – that being myself, just as I am, is all I need to be. 

I met my true self.

 In the space of a two day Naked Leader workshop I was shown a door that I didn’t realise existed, I unlocked it and swung it wide open. Standing there, on the other side, was the me that I had always wanted to be. 

And in that moment I realised that the only person stopping me, was me! 

I walked through, and in that single moment in time, I changed from a human doing, to a human being, I stopped worrying, and started living, and above all, I returned to being myself. 

My dad and my granddad both died when they were 72. If I live to the same age, I’ve got about 16 years (192 months) left on this planet. I am now a man with absolute clarity and a real sense of purpose. I am enjoying being the best that I have always been.  

And that door is right in front of you, right now, as you read this. Will you choose to walk through, and when? 

Because no matter what anyone else has ever told you, or will ever tell you, you are you, and that is all you ever need to be. 

Regards, Alan

With my love, best wishes and massive thanks to you Alan, and to you all for helping me reach 500!



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  1. Meeting your true self can only be recommended.
    I met mine some years back and have embraced life since.
    It has made a real difference to my outlook on life and how I live it.
    If you spend the whole time looking forward rather than enjoying the here and now you will regret it.

  2. How wonderful. I trained a delegate on a mindset management course a couple of years ago. Regular guy, semi-detached house, Ford Mondeo, corporate slave of 25 years and very very cynical about EQ stuff, saying: “My boss came on this course last year and he’s still a wanker.” I thought he might leave before coffee on day 1, or by lunch, or tea, or not come back on day 2 – in fact I kept telling him to leave if he wanted to.

    Long story short – he stayed till the very end and wrote on his feedback form: “I feel energised and inspired. You helped me look inside and when I looked inside I found me. Thank you.” I cannot put a price on a comment like that and Alan Maloney’s wonderful testimonial reminded me of that lovely feeling, thank you NL…

  3. Finding me has never been easy.
    I have always wanted to be someone else, to aspire to them.
    So being content with yourself is not that easy when you are not 100% happy with what it is you think you need to be, and aren’t.

  4. If you are not you, who are you? You have to be true to yourself otherwise you are an imposter to yourself.

  5. You can be someone else too.
    You should adapt to different circumstances.
    Sometimes you have to blend in and be slightly different in the crowd to do that. While when you are with your mates you can act slightly differently and they see you in a slightly different light, less professional perhaps.
    So you don’t have to always be yourself.

  6. In reply to Paul Charlton saying “I have always wanted to be someone else, to aspire to them.” I think it can be useful to compare yourself to an inspirational mentor or leader, but ultimately you will make more progress if you compare yourself to your own unique, limitless, positive potential. It all starts with self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-love, for example instead of saying “I am a failure” (for example) say: “I am a successful person who fails sometimes,” (as all successful people do…)

    Take small steps, celebrate your successes often, you can definitely become the person you want to be.


  7. Thank you for your comments, hugely appreciated, Alan says a huge thank you as well. I always intended to “hand over” nl week 500 to someone else, to reflect Naked Leader being a way of life around you, not a series of books that happen to have been written by me. Everyone has a story in them, Alan’s was “Time” and I look forward to featuring many others – including yours? – between now and nl week 1,000! Be You. David x

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