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Time To Book Your Coach Trip

IMAGINE if you were given the power to explore your inner feelings and help overcome many of the challenges life has to throw at you.

Such as negative thoughts surrounding relationships with key people in your life.

The energy and desire to confront those feelings might turn a situation to your advantage while minimising the effect they have on your well-being.

Naked Leader devotee Jenny Bale will tell you it is exactly what has happened to her. How? By encountering a thought-provoking one-to-one coaching session with Naked Leader founder and inspirational Business Speaker, David Taylor.

Jenny had an issue to deal with and takes up the story about how she was able to improve her circumstances.

‘I was struggling with two key relationships (one personal, one professional) because I was carrying around negative feelings about these people and bringing them into my encounters with them,” she reveals. “I didn’t realise this at the time, obviously. I was just very unhappy and unable to communicate effectively with either of them.’

Jenny had worked with David on developing various TV projects. She takes up the story: ‘I turned up for a meeting one day and David spotted that I was in a bad place, and very kindly offered to help, there and then. He offered to listen at first, and perhaps try to give me some hints as to how I could improve my outlook, which was quite negative at the time.’

Her view of the session with David, when he conveyed his expertise and transformed his knowledge into a high-powered solution, enabled her to shift those debilitating feelings and she explains: ‘It was extraordinary. David is very charismatic and 100% sincere. He gets a huge kick out of helping people. He spent about 40 minutes with me, imprinting some positive skills to help me deal with angry feelings. I was allowing these to adversely colour my behaviour towards the people I love, and work with. He gave me practical, physical and verbal techniques to acknowledge and park those feelings.’

David’s ability to communicate in such a way has benefited Jenny enormously. So what was the outcome? ‘I was able, I think for the first time ever, to acknowledge the angry feelings and recognise that I didn’t have to carry them around everywhere I went,’ she says. ‘I could approach every encounter (and especially those with the two aforementioned people) with a much cleaner slate. It transformed me, and continues to do so. I have been much more able to be in the moment, and consequently I feel stronger, more resilient, and happier. I would recommend David universally to anyone.’

Jenny’s sister Claire was another to reap the rewards of a meeting with David. ‘He is an exceptional coach,’ she enthuses. ‘His advice is simple and accessible. It is life-changing too. He brings together ideas from so many different disciplines. In one session with him, it’s as though you’d absorbed a whole library of management and self-help texts.’

Praise indeed. David’s coaching techniques have been brought together into our Naked Leader Accredited Qualifications Programme (ilm endorsed) so that other coaches and coachees can share in our success. If you would like begin or develop your coaching skills or to have a Naked Leader session then contact the Naked Leader office on 01483 766502 or email Or you may wish to learn more about other World class seminars and workshops that are available.

Take action now. It might be the smartest decision you ever make.

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  1. Like the sound of the coaching courses. David is inspirational and anyone who has been on the courses can vouch for that.

  2. I enjoy being taught by the right coach. It can pay dividends.
    Providing u get the the right one. There are rogues about.

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