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Time to Juggle

I always say that the The Formula for Guaranteed Success can be applied to everything and anything in our lives – indeed, we travel around it every day, whether we “succeed” or “fail.”

At the recent London Business Forum, just before my coaching session with Ruth, Dusty and I decided to give it a go. Could Dusty get nearly 200 people to juggle with three juggling balls, in just 45 minutes?

He couldn’t.

He coached us to do it in 20.

And he applied the formula, perfectly:

Know where you want to GO – Outcome – Juggle with three balls

Know where you are NOW – Holding three balls, feeling nervous

Know what you have to DO, to get to where you want to GO – Do what Dusty does and tells me

Do It! – Be persistent

And here’s the key – Dusty started off his session by saying that the most important factor in juggling is…to drop the balls, as often and as loudly as you can. Indeed, every time you drop a ball, shout with joy, as you will have discovered another way not to juggle.

And, once that fear of failure dropping the balls was removed, we all had a laugh, believed in Dusty and got back to focusing on the outcome.

Dusty, when Brendan Barnes asked us to give this a go, I have to say I was a bit sceptical – and all I can say now, is wow!

Today, when you drop a ball, remember to yell, long and loud with joy.

With my love, best wishes and thanks to Dusty and to all of you


6 Responses to Time to Juggle

  1. Dropping the ball is a fear we all have in our jobs and to have that removed in such a way is inspiring.
    Focussing on getting to where you need to be is the most important thing, then getting there.

  2. The formula for guaranteed success? Is there such a thing?
    You have to work hard and you will get your rewards. End of.

  3. Droping the ball is something I normally do just before I go on holiday. It’s that intenseness just when you ned to keep everything going…only to lose it just when you are doing the handover.
    If no one is there to pick it up, it’s a problem.

  4. Holidays are often not taken because the people you are delegating to drop the ball in your absence as a business owner.
    Best not to take the holidy in the first place.

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