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Time to take a Risk…

Time to take a Risk…

Naked Leader Week – 313 – Monday 22 June 2009

Time to take a Risk…

About 3 minutes

“The only person who never makes mistakes is the person who never does anything”

Denis Waitley

This week, I invite you to take a risk

That’s “risk” by your definition – as one person’s risk is another’s every day activity

As an individual, as an organisation

As you the individual, the kind of thing, that when you think about doing it – it fills you with fear. However you know that the result, the reward, will be worth it – in which case, just do it (as the fear of doing something is usually far greater than actually doing it)

As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, and isn’t illegal

Perhaps you are worried what other people might say, or think, about you. Three comments on that one:

*        If you need to be liked, your need will never be met

*        People who do nothing will always criticise those that do – it is their way of justifying to themselves that it is ok to do nothing

*        If your risk takes you forward, those people will be the first to say – “always knew you would do it”

As an organisation – after all, most organisations spend a fortune of time, money and resource on risk, and couldn’t take a risk if their lives depend on it. Risk = innovation, and sadly because of the recent banking scandals many organisations have put innovation to one side.

If you or your organisation doesn’t take that risk, you may regret it

Personally, I took a risk with The Naked Office, as did the company involved – One Best Way. All credit to them – they were helped by the process, they chose to do what they did, and had a lot of fun

So, what risk are you personally going to take, this week?

With love and best wishes



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