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Today’s sensitive children

Today’s sensitive children

Naked Leader Week – 320 – Monday 10 August 2009

Today’s sensitive children

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Guest contributor Alan Wilson Founder of challenges the way we see our children.

Read this and wonder at the reality of being today’s children. I hope this causes discussion and debate. Join Alan at the ‘develop your child’ group online at to discuss your views, and share yours and your children’s wisdom.


Children today are more sensitive emotionally, physically and psychically. They are concerned about everyone and everything, tend to suffer more dietary problems and just how do they know what mood you’re in before you even enter a room!

What if, instead of seeing children as rude and aggressive, you see people who are floundering emotionally, desperate for more support and struggling to express themselves? What if you see the potential children are trying to demonstrate, and embrace it with all your heart?

When you consider they are also coping with unprecedented rates of change in technology, population dynamics and culture, we must take a look at how we parent, interact with and educate our children.

Most of our children today will be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist and many of them will be solving problems that we aren’t yet aware of. It is time to accept that we may not know what’s best for them but rather they do.

It takes a special parent/carer/teacher to set aside their inbuilt reactions, preconceived ideas and socially acceptable norms to be able to truly hear the depth of wisdom in our children. It’s not surprising some parents feel they are failures even though they are doing the best they can with what they know. It’s been said before ‘children don’t come with a manual’. These days it would need to be online and interactive.

We need to empower our children to experience themselves and then they will be confident to take responsibility for themselves. All parents want the best for their children so let’s help them find what that is.

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