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Top 6 people priorities of leaders around the world (Next week – Top 6 profit priorities)

Top 6 people priorities of leaders around the world (Next week – Top 6 profit priorities)

Time to Read: 10 Seconds for each priority
Top 6 people priorities of leaders around the world (Next week – Top 6 profit priorities)

Based on conversations with CEOs; blogs/articles; enquiries to us and work with our client partners.

6. Technical people – “How do we turn good technical people into great leaders – is it even possible?” – Top Tip – Yes see our White Paper

5. Leadership – “How do we measure and transform the quality and effectiveness of our leaders?” Top Tip – Check they could get the very best out of their people if they were stripped of their job title, power and traits of office?

4. Transformation – “How do we embed our values into day to day behaviour, so people see them as more than just nice words on a wall?” Top Tip – Be clear for each value what people must do, may do and must never do (The NL Fried Egg).

3. One Team – “How can we perform as a truly world-class team that is at the heart of our organisation?” (Board and every function, especially HR/IT) Top Tip – Never say anything behind each other’s backs that you do not say to each other’s faces.

2. Talent – “How do we get the very best from people, make them feel more confident, empowered and valued – and attract the best new talent?” Top Tip – Unlock the Purpose (Ultimate Engagement), Passion (Ultimate Strengths) and Personality (Ultimate Diversity) in all of your people – not just a chosen few.

1. Change – “How do we get people to change faster and make the changes sustainable?” Top Tip – Stop focusing on ‘change’ – focus instead on ‘choice’ – the only way to fast and lasting change!

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Look out for next week – Top 6 profit priorities

With my love and best wishes to you all

David X

PS. Please share in the comments which of these – or other – priorities you are working on?

7 Responses to Top 6 people priorities of leaders around the world (Next week – Top 6 profit priorities)

  1. Wow. We often hear about need for change.
    But is there really a need for choice?
    Yes of course there is. I choose what I want to do each day.
    Not everyone is that fortunate but most can be.
    But only choose to be different if you aren’t happy with the hear and now. Not just for the sake of change.

  2. Unlocking the passion in a person.
    That’s easy. Get to know what makes them tick OUT of work. That way you get a different perspective.

  3. I like the team tip.
    Too many employees dislike each other and play a blame game in our organisation.
    Having it out as a group would help for the benefit of all not to mention the productivity of the business.

  4. Change is the only constant… And everybody and everything needs to change to retain relevance and value… The important thing is that only you can change you… You are in control…

  5. Yes remaining in control of a situation that needs changing is fine if you are reacting properly to that situation.
    Change for the sake of it is a no no but change has to happen for everybody to keep with the times.

  6. Transformation is only surely needed when things aren’t going right.
    So etimes leaving things as they are can work although going with the times is important too.
    Why not gradual change? Transformation is a big word and involves an overhaul that may no necessarily be needed.

  7. Thank you for your comments – Colin – yes choice is all – Francis – tweet that if you are on twitter! David – love your wording “having it out as a group” thank you. Ian and Graham indeed change happens – its up to us to choose what that change is. Sharon totally agree. David x

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