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Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

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Trick or Treat?pumpkin

At our recent conference, Martin Clements summed up why people do what they do with the simple words ‘pain or pleasure’.

Oh, if only all of human behaviour, about which so many trees have been felled, so many views expressed and so many trends emerge, could be simplified down to that.

And it can.

And what a day to remember it by! Halloween, the scariest night of the year, when children dress in ghoulish outfits and go around frightening people, all so they can have the pleasure of some sweets.

Oh what a lesson we can all learn from today, going forward as leaders and as human beings about ourselves and about each other.

Please, let us put an end to the hype, jargon and mystery surrounding it all and realise one simple truth – everything that we do – everything – we do to either move towards pleasure or move away from pain.

To get a treat or to avoid being tricked.

So, dress up tonight, however please can we undress all the psychology babble into this very simple, practical and powerful how-to of persuasion. Look at your team members, listen to your friends and family, and also to yourself. In everything we think, say and do, we are always expressing a preference to either want something (pleasure) or avoid something (pain). Work out which in every encounter and you will be a persuasion Jedi.

If you don’t do this, something like this might happen (pain)! True story:

Car showroom – lady walks in, young ‘sales’ man jumps up:

Man “Good morning madam, how can I help you today?”

Woman “Oh yes, thank you. I am looking for a car, for my daughter, it’s her first car (nervous laugh) so safety is everything – just a little run-around, she won’t be driving fast”

Man “Of course, I think we have the very car, this car here has Bluetooth and is a sporty little number”

Woman turns around and walks out

Man (to me) “What on earth is wrong with her?”

The mother wanted to avoid pain for her daughter, and herself, the man thought she wanted the pleasure of making calls, listening to music and acceleration.

So, in every communication, interaction and pitch ask yourself what is this person wanting – a trick, or a treat?
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