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Watch Out, Watch Out, There Are Fraudsters About

LIKE a rising tide, the figure suggesting fraud is on the up in the workplace means that businesses are awash with unscrupulous people. It is time to be on your guard.

A huge increase in cases of staff stealing or disclosing personal data was recorded last year, a third of those found guilty being under the age of 21. More established workers have got involved too as they typically look to sell customers’ payment details to third parties. Results indicate that the average length of employment before fraud was discovered is up from four-years plus to five-years plus.

The dangers of staff fraud have never been more real so the advice is, be vigilant. Of course it’s a delicate balance as the majority of people are . Treat innocent staff fairly while keeping an eye out for those rogue traders.

2 Responses to Watch Out, Watch Out, There Are Fraudsters About

  1. You have to be on your guard in the workplace.
    This is highlighting a problem that I have come across and you have to be so careful.
    I knew of a business where the financial director invented invoices he was sending to a factoring company who would pay the invoices in advance to help the company’s cashflow. Only it was lining the financial director’s pockets instead.
    You have to keep eyes iin the back of your head in business.

  2. Most people are trustworthy so it’s important not to overreact. That would be easy to do. You have to have a balance as to being suspicious and just letting the workforce get on with things.

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