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“We” and An opportunity for entrepreneurs…

“We” and An opportunity for entrepreneurs…

Naked Leader Week – 324 – Monday 7 September 2009

“We” and An opportunity for entrepreneurs…

Two in one!

Time to read –Just 30 seconds

What a word – and “we” are advised to use it a lot e.g. “we” the team

Just one thing – when you use it, is it absolutely crystal clear to your listeners exactly who you mean by “we?” If not, your message may be confusing.

An opportunity for entrepreneurs…

What?           For the 4th book in the NL series I am looking to feature a few entrepreneurs/SMEs – your story, how you overcame setbacks etc.

WIIFY?          Free publicity (global), customer awareness, endorsement – you are welcome to put your URL for example

Risk?           None – you would have final say on wording, and I would have a signed statement from you giving permission to publish

What next?   If you are interested please email –  we will contact you

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