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We’re all Scientists Now

We’re all Scientists Now

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We’re all Scientists Now

The science community is in a bit of a spin, as “certainty” becomes ever more difficult to prove. This has been raised in academic journals over the last few years, and when The Economist published “How Science Goes Wrong” the debate really took off.

Let them get on with it.

Let’s turn to success – by your definition – is it possible to come to a scientific conclusion on what works for you, every time?


Decide what you want, take personal ownership of it and choose to do something.

Then see if it takes you closer to your outcome – if it does, do more of the same – if it doesn’t, then do something else, and keep repeating or “experimenting” in this way until you achieve your outcome.

Yes, this is the core of Naked Leader (The Formula For Guaranteed Success – FGS), however it is only when I started researching this science debate that the FGS takes on such a powerful, practical and personal dimension.

Powerful because the only way – the only way – to know if you can achieve something is to do it.

Practical because we all do this each and every day – no caged rat lab experiments for us – we live and breathe our own science experiments hundreds of times every 24 hours.

Personal because what works for you – as you, your team and as an organisation – may be very different to what works for someone else.

Science comes from the Latin scientia, meaning to know – and the only way for you to know is to go out and be a scientist – just as you have been doing, subconsciously, every day since the day you were born.

Please, for the next few days, do it consciously, and watch other people do the same – it is both fun…and fascinating.

Enjoy, and please share your scientific findings in the comments below.

With my love and best wishes

David X

8 Responses to We’re all Scientists Now

  1. After over 40 years of consistently stirring coffee, gravy granules, etc in a clockwise motion, I recently had the idea of throwing in some occasional anti-clockwise stirs. The results are excellent, with much improved dissolving of granules.

  2. Love it. Thanks for getting out there and doing it. Fear of failure often stops us trying. Failure is just another word for trying in my book, if we don’t try we will never move forward. We didn’t build planes without running off piers!!

  3. Yes, going out and doing is the way to go.
    Naked Leader has been advocating for everyone to DO, not just stit and wait for something to happen or do nothing.
    Doing something, anything, even if you don’t achieve the required outcome, is better than doing nothing.

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