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‘We’ve just won; we’re going to be on a stamp!’

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‘We’ve just won; we’re going to be on a stamp!’”

As you read this the 2012 London Olympics will have come to a close, and the city awaits the start of the Paralympic Games later this month.

It is testament to the success of the Games, that they even overshadowed Woking FC’s first match back in The Blue Square Premier!

So many inspiring stories, athletes and memories from across the spectrum of sports and countries. The variety was amazing – the sheer speed of Handball (one vacancy – Handball goalkeeper. Only task – to pick the ball out of the net), how vicious women’s hockey can be (It’s not the winning, it’s the broken ankles) and the confusion that is sailing (“If Ben Ainslee can just finish above 8th and keep The Netherlands and two other boats behind him, he wins Gold”).

However, this week I am going to pick out one single moment among so many that reflected the spirit of the games. Of course Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt or any number of focused Chinese athletes could feature… instead I go with the unexpected.

Sophie Hosking and rowing partner Kat Copeland won Gold for Team GB in the Double Skull 2000m event. Hosking was overlooked for a place in Beijing four years ago and Copeland is in her first season as a rower. Indeed, they only teamed up four months ago for their shot at Games glory.

And the first words Kat Copeland said to her rowing partner after crossing the finish line? “We’ve just won; we’re going to be on a stamp!’”

And with The Royal Mail producing stamps for every gold medal competitor, now they are.

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12 Responses to ‘We’ve just won; we’re going to be on a stamp!’

  1. David

    Yes still buzzing form the last two weeks of sheer enjoyment. One thing though , I belive the Post Office have since said that ‘ logistically’ they will be unable to create an individual stamp for the unexpected large number of Golds. How disappointing for the winners.

    Some lessons to be learnt on forward planning here.

    My Grandfather had a saying whicvh I recall – Keep all good friends young and old, some are silver some are gold.

  2. The rowing medal haul was amazing and the person who sent a joke around saying that the reason women are so good at rowing is because it is the same repetition as ironing, well, shame on you. To be a first class rower requires dedication, sacrifice, dedication, more sacrifice and more dedication.
    Actually, if you are the right build, you could become a rower as that is the starting point in the scheme the GB Rowing committee run. Get in a boat, give it a try and if you show potential, they will teach the stroke, and you are away. Except that the commitment and yes, dedication, you have to show requires you to give up years of your life in pursuit of gold.

  3. We’re going to be on a stamp. How pre-conceived. Only someone who who had thought about the idea of saying that would do so. It takes away the impulse of sport. What happened to yeeeeeeeeessssssss! We’ve done it!
    Smacks of Andrew Flintoffism

  4. David,
    I found so much inspiration throughout the whole of the games, the achievements and obvious efforts were immense to say the least.

    Your article struck a chord with me as these girls represented what I believed to be the most single inspiring event of the whole games. When you consider just how quickly they gelled as a team and thumped the best the world had to offer, and you consider the sacrifices both made (moving away from Gods Country to train !). Then you watch the tears of joy as they achieved their goals.

    Not to take anything away from all the other achievements, but this was a super super day in my view.


  5. I agree, the rowers are fantastic and they show such humility and sporting spirit.
    Mo Farah for me, when winning the 5,000m, was such a buzz given the crowd reaction and Cram’s great commentary. But the endeavours of the rowers, who put in such a huge amount of training, ws tops.

  6. The humility shown by Vuctoria Pendleton in defeat was so pleasant to watch. No castigation. Just an acknowledgement that her rival was better. Great Olympic spirit shining through.

  7. What a very odd thing to say to a colleague at that moment. Hardly spontaneous. Surely the winning moment is something that takes over at that point and any pre-conceived utterances are put on the back burner.
    Actually, some of the medallists now aren’t going to be on a stamp. There’s too many medallists.

  8. Does it matter? She wanted to say it, obviously was confident enough to think she could say it, and went for it. Nothing wrong in that.

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