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What Do You Think?

THINK about it. And when you do, consider whether the way you are thinking is lateral or vertical. Not with me? Well, read on. Creative thinking is all about using your imagination to think of new ideas. Known as lateral, it implies the use of sideways leaps in the way you think, rather than logical thought which is analytical, step-by-step and continuous. Logical thinking leads you to what is often the only possible solution. Or is it?

Those who think laterally seek change rather than simply choose. They look for what is different rather than what is right. They make deliberate jumps and don’t move directly from one thing to another. They welcome unexpected chance and explore the least likely, as an alternative to concentrating on relevance and moving in the most likely direction.

Remember though, both trains of thought are equally important. Like salt and pepper, meat and gravy, strawberries and cream, neither is effective without the other. Neither one is superior, they are just different. The best managers are both creative and logical. However, it doesn’t matter how creative someone has been, a decision then has to be made. And logical thinking is necessary to make sure it is the right one.

Based on a an extract from (How To Be An Even Better Manager)

3 Responses to What Do You Think?

  1. Creativity of logic any time for me.
    There is room for both but without creative juices the decisions become predictable and you don’t create the platform for making that deal breaker that could swing the balance.

  2. I thought about it. And I think I’m both.
    You certainly need one to make the most of the other.
    Again, I think creative is more vital to business success.

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