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What is your favourite leadership web-site – how can you help them increase hits?

Naked Leader Week – 92 (w/c Monday 21 February 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours

 What is your favourite leadership web-site – how can you help them increase hits?

Do you have your own website, and want more hits and a higher profile?

If not, would you like your own web-site?

Leadership is well documented – we have more books, articles and words on leadership than any other subject, in business and in life. Online, type “leadership” into Google and get 52 million sites and references.

We do not need any more leadership, knowledge or information on leadership, we do need faster ways to find the choices and “answers” in leadership, that we seek. started as information on Naked Leader, however when I received e-mails asking my thoughts on other areas of leadership, I realised it could be so much more. As well as being about Naked Leader, it could be a portal, a path, a gateway to the best of the very best in leadership, not chosen by me, but chosen by you. You would decide the top leadership sites, the best sites for training, for guidance, for events.

In 2005 this dream is being turned into reality – inviting people to vote on their favourite leadership sites, within you own definition of leadership. Based on your votes and visits to those sites. will be a site you visit, on your way to somewhere else.

We will have the top 50 leadership, management, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, business etc. sites – you choose the site you want to nominate, with direct links – all free. All we would reasonably ask is an equally prominent link in return.

You can nominate your own personal/ business/company site, and if it is voted for and visited often it could well be in the Top 50. Even if it is not, it will be featured.

It only has to come under the broad title of “leadership,” and it will be featured. All we ask is a prominent link in return.

If you yet don’t have your own site, you will be able to have one, through the new

So, please…for yourself, and ask those whose lives you touch…

  1. Send me your site’s url and a one line description of the site that will attract people to visit
  2. Nominate your favourite leadership web-site with one line on why you visit it – we will set up the link

Please send to

Next week we will get back to stories and inspirations (please keep sending them), starting with the most important NL Week I will ever write – identifying, connecting and unleashing the forces for good in the world.

Until then I send you love, wherever you are

David X


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