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What, why and how?

What, why and how?

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What, why and how?

When it comes to changing our lives, our teams or our organisations, the outcome – the what – is powerful.

What do you want?

Everyone talks about being outcome focused, very few actually do it.

Have an outcome and bring everything back to it.

That is where a lot of help, advice and consultancy stops.

And that is not enough.

We must also know ‘Why?’ – combine ‘what’ with ‘why’ surfaces the real outcome, issues or focus:

Keep going through these 3 questions in a loop until both the outcome and the reason for it are crystal clear:

• What do you want?

• What will that outcome give you?

• Why is that important to you?

Or you may decide – it’s not really that important at all.

Assuming it is important and that now you have your outcome – next week we’ll look at HOW to make it a reality.

With my love and best wishes to you all


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