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What will your verse be?

What will your verse be?

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What will your verse be?

I just had to write a special, first ever Naked Leader Mid-Weekly.

To say RIP to Robin Williams, a man who gave happiness, laughter and joy to so many thousands, and yet could never find it within himself.
Without you Robin, there would be no Naked Leader. ‘Dead Poets Society’ was one of THE moments that inspired me to choose to change my life.

Robin Williams

Thank you Robin



5 Responses to What will your verse be?

  1. A wonderful testament to a wonderful man. I am going to add 1 min 31 secs to your allocated time suggestion to think of someone who has inspired me to the same extent so that I can tell them and honour them before it’s too late.

  2. received by email…
    Hi David,

    Well said David. A sad day. For me Robin was and is inspiration and humanity. He might be dead but his spirt lives on.

    Best regards, Fredrik

  3. Thank you all – wanted to get this out as soon as possible after Robin left us. I cannot over estimate the impact he had on me and on our message. RIP Robin. David x

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