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What’s the point of having potential

What’s the point of having potential

Naked Leader Week – 307 – Tuesday 12 May 2009

What’s the point of having potential… (Time to read 10 secs max)

If you do nothing with it?

Potential is, by itself, absolutely pointless, unless you take action.

Yes, you have potential – and to do what?

So, think you’ve got potential? Prove it

This week
This day
Right now

With my best wishes

X – New Site goes live TODAY – Tuesday 12 May

We have been working on this site for many months. Our previous site was very popular, but it was a bit…boring

So the new, is interactive, up to date, and focused on you, not me/us.

And on action – on doing things, as opposed to talking about doing things.

The three central features I love, and around which the whole site is designed, are:

1. Front page comments / questions – as soon as you access the site and register, you can ask anything you like e.g. I have an interview in ten minutes and I am feeling very nervous – any tips please?

2. Groups – You can create your own public or private groups e.g. when you have attended an event or have any other ideas for forming a group as well as belonging to Naked Leader groups when you have attended a NL event. These groups can have resources posted to them such as handouts from the events – questions to the presenters and discussion amongst the members. A private group will be yours, administered by you, and accessible only by yourselves.

3. We want this site to become the first port of call in leadership on the web, i.e. the source of leadership. So we will be featuring, inviting and encouraging leadership offerings, help and services from anyone and everyone.

As an existing member of the Naked Leader Network you will shortly receive a separate email with a link to update your new secure password for our brand new website. Please visit it, update your profile and share your knowledge and skills with other members. It is so different from our old site and I am looking forward to using it as it’s so much easier to contribute.

The site is in its first phase and it will evolve. Please get involved, share your own stories, and, above all, let us know what you think so we can keep improving.

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