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When taking ownership could be risky!

When taking ownership could be risky!

Naked Leader Week – 252 – Monday 7 April 2008

Leadership from a different perspective – A Football referee!

When taking ownership could be risky!

Heard this story from my good friend Hamish Taylor, CEO of Skills Exchange Network

Picture the scene – you are the ref at a top European game between Barcelona and Bayern Munich at the New Camp – full of 80,000 Barcelona fans, with the 3 or so Bayern fans up in a corner somewhere.

Just two minutes played, the Germans are on the attack, and the Bayern centre forward is maliciously chopped down as he line sup to shoot – yards inside the area.

What would you do?

No, honestly, what would you do?

Well, this referee blew his whistle, and then, by his own admission, did anything but take ownership. He stopped the game, and ran over to his linesman nearest the play. Now, as he himself admits, it did not matter what he said to his assistant, as long as he (the ref) could get him (the lino) to nod…a lot.

“Great atmosphere, isn’t it?” The ref began – lost of nods in response

“I hear you have just come back from holiday – have a good time?” – more nods

“OK, fancy a drink after the match – on me?” – Biggest nod of all

To which the referee turns round, blows his whistle and points at the penalty spot.

The crowd go mad

Not, though, at the ref

No big point to this one, not even convinced it is true, great story though

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