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When you present, do this, or don’t present at all… 

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When you present, do this, or don’t present at all…
Believe what you are saying.
It is the fundamental, the cornerstone, the only possible starting point – it really doesn’t matter about
your “style”, where you present, on what and to whom. As long as you believe in the message you are sharing.If you don’t, then no-one else will – the number one question every audience asks themselves, at a
subconscious level, is this – “does this person really believe what they are saying?”And, when you do, you are that most powerful thing of all – totally authentic, and totally being yourself.

As we like to say – being “naked.”

You are ready to add your own passion, tools and techniques.

Click below to see exactly what I mean. Not from Tony Robbins, or an inspirational CEO, not even from a TED Conference.

From Bill Kenwright, Chairman of Everton FC.

Last Tuesday, 15 April, was the 25th anniversary of The Hillsborough Disaster, when 96 Liverpool football fans went to a game of football, and never came home.

To illustrate the importance of believing what you are saying, I share one of the most extraordinary communications I have ever seen, delivered in the most challenging of venues, at the most emotional of times. Bill spoke at the 24th anniversary, in 2013, when the opening of a new enquiry looked very unlikely – at the start you will hear the crowd chanting “for the 96 Justice” and the way Bill quietens the people is as respectful as it is genius.

When you believe in what you are saying, you can then add the important extras:

• Build rapport with your audience within the first few minutes – and grow it, by realising it’s not about you – it is about the impact you have on every single person present.

• Tell stories – about yourself, as they relate to your audience.

• Start and end on a key point.

For Bill Kenwright to deliver that in 8 minutes to thousands of his closest rival’s fans, he had better
believe his message.

And he did, and it shows – you can feel it come at you as if you were there yourself.

Back to you – I am sometimes asked what to do when people have been asked to give a presentation
or talk that they don’t believe in.

Easy answer – don’t.

With my love and best wishes


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8 Responses to When you present, do this, or don’t present at all… 

  1. Tears in my eyes – so authentic, heartfelt that must have been comfort for all effected by the tragedy.

  2. I have always been an admirer of Bill Wainwright.
    That is an amazing speech given the circumstances and I have the utmost respect for someone who can do that.

  3. Bill Kenright has the right values and appreciates the city of Liverpool and its peopple whether they wear red or blue.

  4. There are real men, and real men. Bill Kenright is a real man and that talk to the Kop proved what an inspirational person he is too.

  5. Amazing that a man from the other side of the city can have such a huge impact. Fair play to Mr Kenwright.

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