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Which is more important in your organisation?

Which is more important in your organisation?

Naked Leader Week 835 – 19 August 2019

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Some say people, others say profit* – followed by much debate

The answer, of course, is both – you can’t have one without the other

The only way to make a profit, or surplus, or to financially survive, is to get far more from the people that you already have, without nearly killing them in the process.


  1. Radical Simplicity – Identify the 10% of activities that bring in 90% of your value – and stop doing everything else. Less is more.
  2. True Agility – Rank everyone’s – not just a chosen few – strengths, passions and genius as a top 3, or 5 – Top Trumps style, and use this to resource everything – projects, sales, whatever. That way you will have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. And people will love it!
  3. Prove the value you provide to your Clients. In Naked Leader, we’ve never looked back since we introduced our promise – 3 times more value, confidence and agility from the people that you already have, while stripping out cost, self-doubt and time.

Do the same in your organisation – you will never have to chase another Client or Customer ever again.

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*Profit = annual surplus in not for profit organisations and sectors


The Business Mastermind – Podcast

Gavin Preston interviews David Taylor as one of his guests in his Business Mastermind Podcast series.

In Gavin’s own words “Listening back, I think it is an engaging and humorous interview stacked with value and a good account of the FGS (Formula for Guaranteed Success), Leadership and why we should focus on choice over change, so Naked Leader fans will enjoy it.”

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