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Why Donald Trump Won and the 3 Top Things He Must Do

Why Donald Trump Won and the 3 Top Things He Must Do

Time to Read: Faster than many people will take to get over the shock!

Why Donald Trump Won and the 3 Top Things He Must Do

Hindsight is a wonderful thing – and by the time you read this many experts, journalists and politicians will have written long explanations on the greatest surprise in American Presidential history.

And yes, I am joining them!

Why he Won

usaIn 2 words – Western Spring – like the Arab Spring, by ballot box.

Both Brexit and Trump reflect on a growing dissatisfaction with traditional politics and Washington (Westminster) Politicians.

Too many people in too many countries feel too much ignored, and forgotten.

Hillary Clinton represented the establishment, Trump very cleverly positioned himself as the polar opposite – full credit to Kellyanne Conway, his Campaign Manager – for every force there is an equal and opposite force and he did this brilliantly. As Claire Kidd of Naked Leader put it – “an establishment bloody nose”.

One other thing – Trump had clear, specific, understandable outcomes – A wall with Mexico; A massive tax cut; Illegal immigrants deported. We may not have agreed with them, however to be honest I struggle to think of one specific outcome Clinton actually had. The brain adores simple outcomes.

He’s a TV celebrity and taken to social media – that’s where a large majority of people are communicating these days, and he’s been part of their world.

The 3 Things He Must Do

  1. Be more Presidential without becoming part of the Washington eliteI thought his acceptance speech reflected this – in fact, I thought it was the best speech he has made. People have asked the question ‘Why didn’t he say that during campaigning’? Because otherwise he wouldn’t have ignited all those people to vote for him, that’s why.
  2. Deliver on his 100 day planIn Naked Leader we love 100 day plans, and the only time I thought Trump had a chance, and the real reason he moved closer in the polls was when he announced this.
  3. Become the ‘Best President’ that the USA has ever hadI mean that – and he has the best possible start, half the country are protesting against him and expectations are more emotional than logical from those who voted for him.

This is a perfect storm – extreme views and low expectations. With seemingly no-one sitting on the fence about him, passion and emotion, positive and negative, give President Elect Trump the chance – the choice indeed, to be an amazing leader.

With my love and best wishes


3 Responses to Why Donald Trump Won and the 3 Top Things He Must Do

  1. Great, the 100-day plan. Hope it works.
    Such a shame that both candidates had to bombard each other with such hurtful slurs.
    Guess it’s all part of the process.

  2. Hi David,

    Long time no speak. As an American citizen (I have been for over 3-years) I am amazed at the response from my colleagues in the New York Area. Whilst I could never personally vote for the Donald, I am looking forward with great interest at his next actions.

    His ability to spot the discontent in the American Electorate and to talk at the voter’s level in the middle of the country was extremely insightful. It was a nasty fight and although Hilary was saying most of the right things (all taken from Bernie Sanders) she was not trusted by a large swathe of the electorate.

    I agree with what you say about the 100 day plan … but it is much more than that. He has effectively destroyed the democratic party with this result. They need to change and transform themselves. He now has to do the same to the Republican party (by rejecting Paul Ryan’s plans to privatize health care and reeling in the insurance companies for starters). I am looking to see what pans out.


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