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Why people do what they do

Why people do what they do

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Why people do what they do

People will only ever do something to the very best of their ability because they want to –because they choose to.

(And people live to change – we just hate to be changed by others)

Exactly what people do depends on the choices they believe that they have at that moment in time, which depends on their own self-esteem and past experiences.

They then choose that which will move them fastest towards pleasure – what they do want – or fastest away from pain – what they don’t want. Usually they choose a short term outcome instead of one further in the future.

So now you know – make sure you make use this knowledge to the good of others and yourself.

With my love and best wishes to you all.



4 Responses to Why people do what they do

  1. Billions of £’s spent each year by corporations on training, development, culture change etc etc, and most of it misses these few fundamental points. Wise words indeed

  2. Life is a choice. If you make the wrong one, then try and make the right one and learn from your mistake. Until eventually you will find the right way.

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