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You can choose your friends, you can’t choose your…


Or so the saying goes

I was reading last week that Christmas is the time of year when most people have family arguments.

No, Duuh!

That’s probably because Christmas is the time of year when most families get together

If you are lucky enough to have family to be with, decide today what outcome you want from Christmas, a happy or unhappy time?

Not just for you, also for the others in your family

If you choose happy, celebrate being together, and, presents aside, be generous with yourself, as if it will be the last Christmas you are together – a fact that one year that will be true, and you will never know which one, in advance…

If you choose unhappy then act as if everyone in your family will live forever, and upset as many family members as you can (including and especially yourself)

With my love and best wishes to you all


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10 Responses to You can choose your friends, you can’t choose your…

  1. So very true. We should all behave with our families as if it’s the last time we see them. As you say David, it could be this year..

  2. Of course you can determine whether a Christmas is going to be a happy one or not.
    We all have choices to make.
    Make the choice that allows everyone to be happy at Christmas. Or be miserable. It is down to choice.
    Things don’t just happen. They happen because people make them happen, good or bad.

  3. I always make a big point of making sure we have a nice Christmas. Surely issue can be put aside for one day. It is what makes Christmas special.

  4. families are what they are. Some you get on with and some you don’t. They won’t be here for ever though. So enjoy them.

  5. Not much you can say to that and David is right, we could be having the last Christmas with our loved ones. It’s a sobering thought.
    Make the most of it is my advice…

  6. There are certain times of year you have to get with family and make the most of it and Christmas is one.
    I can’t stand my mother in law and she has been offensive to me in the past but for Christmas i will make a special effort to be nice to her. In fact it makes it worse when I do because she can’t handle me being nice.

  7. Christmas is like any other time of the year in our house. Basically we argue all the time anyway so it’s no different. just a few presents and a visit to church thrown in.

  8. Then try and change it! Be different. What ever it is that’s not working, do something else. make it work. Otherwise you may regret these times for the rest of your life.

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