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Your top 3 priorities as a leader

Your top 3 priorities as a leader

Naked Leader Week 830 – 15 July 2019

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Your top 3 priorities as a leader


1. Get the very best from the people in your team.

How? Ask each of them how they want you to lead them.

2. Be a role model for the behaviour you want and need to see from others.

How? Keep your word and do what you say – always.

3. Go home on time – staying late in school is called detention.

How? By managing your day, your priorities and your energy.

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The Business Mastermind – Podcast

Released today – Gavin Preston interviews David Taylor as one of his guests in his Business Mastermind Podcast series.

In Gavin’s own words “Listening back, I think it is an engaging and humorous interview stacked with value and a good account of the FGS (Formula for Guaranteed Success), Leadership and why we should focus on choice over change, so Naked Leader fans will enjoy it.”

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