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Your verdict on Obama’s First Year…

Your verdict on Obama’s First Year…

Naked Leader Week – 343 – Monday 18 January 2010

This time last year I wrote about the excitement that surrounded the election of President Obama, as he started his first year in office.

As arguably the most powerful leader in the world, how’s he doing?

Has his rhetoric led to results, or has the hope turned to hype?

I would say he has done three things well, and three things less so, as a leader:

On the plus side he is delivering on health care against much opposition (resilience), he has surrounded himself with good advisers on the economy (teamwork), and he is still one of the best speakers on earth (charisma).

On the minus side he hasn’t done a lot to appeal beyond his democrat and liberal followers (clique), he doesn’t seem to know what to do about the “war on terror” (lack of direction) and he has still to define what he means every time he uses the word “change” (uncertainty).

So, I would say on balance, could do better.

What’s your performance appraisal on him, one year on?

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