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10 Sessions – 10 Messages / How-Tos

10 Sessions – 10 Messages / How-Tos

Time to Read: 10 Minutes

10 Sessions – 10 Messages / How-Tos

Last Friday we staged our annual leadership conference – Leadership that makes and saves money – here is the single main How-To that I took from each of the 10 sessions (in order of delivery):

1. Show me the money (and the meaning) – my little bit:

Hold your leaders accountable for accountables. Any project, external coaching/consultancy, event etc. that does not deliver more than the financial value of your investment (including your time), then don’t do it (if you want to know how to measure this, call me on my personal mobile 07786 320 297).

2. Get into The Right State (not A Right State) – Bob Perry, Naked Leader Expert Practitioner

How you feel is determined by your physiology. To get into the right state stand tall and confident, and your confidence, feelings and state will follow straight away- most useful when you are entering a meeting about financial negotiations.

3. HR – Boring or Brave? – Pauline Hogg, HR Director to the Chief Legal Officer and Head of Supply Chain Finance in Unilever

Have honest and ‘human’ conversations around how people see their futures.

4.  So, IT Really Really Doesn’t Matter? – Andrew Marks, CIO Tullow Oil

Get Back to Business – identify and focus on the 10% of activities you do, that deliver 90% of the benefits and then do the most innovative thing of all, stop doing the rest. Tullow saved $10m doing this.

5. The Big Debate – Experience makes Education Irrelevant – Professor Mark Durkin, Ulster University Business School v Me – all done dressed as boxers…

Mark’s key point – Would you trust a triple heart bypass in the hands of someone unqualified to do it?

My key point – Experience is the most powerful (and helpful) education you will ever need

(I won by just 4 votes – I think Mark deserved to win – he didn’t though)

6. Put your Mouth where your Money is – Stuart Mustoe, Finance Director, TrustFord

Finance must provide the Answers – not endless information, spreadsheets and data – the answers you need as an organisation. (and if you don’t know what answers you need, stop reading this and go decide!).

7. Workshop Session – Is your function Worthless or Priceless? – people split into their respective functions to answer that question.

Take the lead to prove the financial value of your function in hard, real financial figures (and, by the way, if anyone still believes there are such things as ‘intangible benefits’, pay them with intangible money – send us their photo and we will send them £1,000,000 with their picture on –

8. For Fun or Funds? Being Social by Design and Making it Count – James Eder, Entrepreneur,  Founder of The beans group, all round crazy guy

Stop marketing and start mattering

9. The First Direct Story – Alan Hughes, Ex CEO First Direct Bank and widely acknowledged as the leader who transformed the organisation into what it is today.

Put your customers at the heart of everything, and put your people at the heart of everything

10. You

If you feel inspired by any of these how-tos, go do one of them

If not, go do one of them anyway.

Share one of your how tos in the comments below

With heart-felt thanks to all who attended our sell-out event, all our speakers and all in Naked Leader who worked so tirelessly to make this event such a success…

2015 is sure to be a sell-out – book early
With my love and best wishes




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  1. How to: lift everyone’s day, every day.
    Whenever someone asks “how are you?” reply with “marvellous” or “excellent” or “brilliant” – then notice what happens to you and them.

  2. How to, get a reaction from an elderly person. Ask them a question. They will be thrilled you have take the time to speak to them.

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