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Monthly Archives: September 2003

Send this on to five people

Naked Leader Week – 22 – September, 2003 There is a disturbing growth in the number of “send this on to five people in the next 30 minutes” e-mails…  This week I received over 30. Admittedly they are far more positive than the ones I used to receive, which had little or no substance and threatened…Continue Reading

Tell Everyone You Meet Today…

Naked Leader Week – 21 – 15 September, 2003 Tell Everyone You Meet Today… …everyone you e-mail and everyone you know, that no matter what their age, their background or their present challenges, it is their birthright to be the very best that they already are, and to experience freedom, joy and inner peace in each…Continue Reading

Receive this every week

Naked Leader Week – 20 – 8 September, 2003 Please feel free to distribute any of this as widely as you wish – no need to reference  the source – just cut and paste the bits you enjoy and send on, perhaps adding your own stories or thoughts… If you would like to receive this every…Continue Reading