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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Know where you are now

Time to Read – three minutes Time to re-read (if the first read isn’t scary) – four minutes Last week – Know where you want to go – focused on your Outcome. This week we look at the most uncomfortable part of the formula: Know where you are Now – The You This is about…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

BY helping just one other person, you change their world, for good. By asking them to help others, you change someone else’s world, as well. It feels great to help others – we feel a better and braver person. The more you give to others the more you receive in return. So here’s the challenge.…Continue Reading

Bank On It

NIKE would say ‘just do it’. And firms are being encouraged to do just that when it comes to applying for bank lending. The concern among business owners is that they will be rejected for bank finance, so some are put off from applying. The message from experts is clear. Put more pressure on your…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

HOWEVER you want to be remembered, I am sure there is one epitaph that will be high on your list. You would want to be remembered for the good that you have done. Your autobiography will live forever, in people’s minds, in what you leave behind, decided by what you do today. (Extract from The…Continue Reading

Know where you want to go?

Time to Read – three minutes Last week we did a whistle stop tour of the formula (Thank you to all the people who wrote to say it had helped them). This week let’s add a little more detail to navigating the first part – Know where you want to Go – The What This…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

RIGHT now, wherever you are, look around you in life. This moment you are now in, will never be repeated again in your life. Take it all in – the people, the weather, the nature all around you. Next time you listen to your favourite piece of music, really listen. Don’t let your mind think…Continue Reading

Poll Review – The Ayes Have It

CREDIT where credit’s due. We’ve all heard the phrase. So, is it right to praise people even when you know that what they’ve just done they get paid for? Should the fact it is their job make a difference? This was the fascinating poll question on the Naked Leader website put to us by David…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WE can entertain, so that people enjoy what we say and look forward to hearing about what we do. We can educate and teach people something new. We can engage and hold people’s attention, while we have the power to enrich other people’s lives. (Extract from The Naked Millionaire)Continue Reading

Back to basics

Time to Read – three minutes While you may still be thinking of your dreams, ideas and plans in this fledgling year I want to revisit the Formula for Guaranteed success which hasn’t been covered for awhile. It is in the books and it never changes! Over the next four weeks I am going to…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

DELIVER a successful project. How? By ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them. Have an open and honest relationship at the top of the project, trust those running it and avoid formal project management meetings. (Extract from The Naked Coach)Continue Reading