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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Thought For The Week

THERE is a natural tendency, a powerful urge inside us all, called reprocity, meaning that when you do something to help someone else, they will naturally want to help you and others. The idea spans all faiths and religions, and is a very powerful force. Reciprocity is the reason your wife or partner keeps a…Continue Reading

A question for Easter…

 Time to Read – 15 Seconds It’s time this question was resolved Which came first: The chicken or the egg? Enjoy this Easter Holiday With my love and best wishes David X Have your say with this weeks poll……………………….. [polldaddy poll=4971922]Continue Reading

Action For The Week

CHECK your customer’s performance just as they are checking on yours. Do it this week and constantly throughout your relationship. Fortunes of businesses change so watch for the trends. It is important that, however apparantly prestigious a customer is to you, if they are not paying on time, you need to act. Consider ceasing to…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

NO event has any meaning other than the meaning we choose to give it. As that phrase gives you complete command over what is happening around you, shift your consciousness today and amazing things will begin to happen. You will look for the positives in events and notice the energies in each other, while seeing…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN you believe something to be true with your conscious mind, the role of your subconscious mind is to make it true, and it starts to do so, straight away. Put another way, whenever you focus on something that you want, your subconscious mind brings it closer. (Extract from The Naked Millionaire)Continue Reading

What Box?

Time to Read – Adults 30 seconds – Children you don’t need to I love speaking at schools – it is nerve wrackingly unpredictable, great training in thinking fast and most of all, it reminds me that young people get this stuff. nerve wrackingly unpredictable: After contribution from a young girl of about ten Me:…Continue Reading

Start Your Business – Now

THINKING of starting a new business? You’re not alone. And now is the time to act. There has been a sharp rise in the number of people working for themselves and this figure includes those who have just lost jobs because of the recession and are starting out on new ventures. The majority of part-time…Continue Reading