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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Motivation’s What You Need

YOUR mind is rather like a loft – and I don’t mean it’s a large empty space where there’s no-one at home! It collects things over the years. In little areas or compartments. Much of what we have gleaned is no longer needed – and yet despite it no longer being useful we aren’t able…Continue Reading

Reap The Part-Time Benefits

MANY of you are flexible – and we’re not talking about your aerobic capacity! A report suggests that flexible working has had a huge impact in saving companies from the perils of the recession. Staff are more open to job sharing, shorter working weeks, and home working, in their bid to help keep their jobs…Continue Reading

The First Question You Ask When…

Time to Read – Oh, about 37 seconds …you listen to people speaking about the phone hacking scandal, when you listen to any business presenter and that people ask when you are communicating, is not… What’s in it for me? That is the second question The first question is this: Does this person really believe…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

IF you are handling performance reviews ensure your people have as much say as possible in sharing how they are doing, and ideally they ‘mark’ themselves. Ensure they open up early in the one-to-one. Remove the word ‘average’. When offering constructive criticism focus on the issues, not on the person. Give specific praise – praise…Continue Reading

Companies Have A Growth Spurt

JUST because there have been plenty of lean months doesn’t mean that companies don’t want to put some meat back on the bone. In Great Britain and Europe, medium and small-sized businesses will invest hugely in the next 12 months according to a survey. Manufacturing and IT equipment, cars, and commercial vehicles are the big…Continue Reading

Business Got Talent

Time to Read – 117 Seconds I recently had the privilege to Chair Osney Media’s Talent 2011 event in London. Over 100 HR and Talent leaders attending have confirmed it – after years of complaining that they were separate from “the business,” HR have caught the bullet train and arrived at its very centre. About…Continue Reading

Join The Brady Bunch

ARE you another Karren Brady? Do you have entrepreneurial spirit? If so, there is still time to enter the Everywoman awards. Nine years in, the nine winning categories recognise female business owners who achieve social or business success, often in the face of adversity. To make sure your free entry is accepted before the July…Continue Reading