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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Make Today a Special One

IMAGINE having the power to make every day a special one. Well, here’s the secret. You already have it. Every day can be as you want it to be. It comes with having a positive frame of mind. If you can expect the day to be a good one then the anticipation you generate can…Continue Reading

Make Sure You’re on The Team

CONGRATULATIONS! The older readers among you, as well as music buffs, will remember that word as a song title for Sir Cliff Richard in 1968. And in business terms it is something a leader should always offer when their team succeeds. The ‘well done’ may even been given in the form of a reward, to…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

ENSURE that people know they are encouraged to speak their opinion and will be listened to, provided it is constructive (you need robust discussions, different perspectives and ideas). Make sure that everyone knows whom to go to, and where to go, to find out information and that they can do this without fear or favour.…Continue Reading

Customers – Take Note Of Them

LIKE plants, businesses thrive on growth. And according to research the rate of expansion could be greatly increased by using one simple piece of advice – taking note of customers. Incredibly, as many as half of small firms, and many larger ones, fail to ask their customers what they think of the products and services…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

DEVELOP a better memory. Make up your mind you will remember. Give your brain the right nutrition and remember that a good memory isn’t something you were born with, you have the power to improve it. Do you have any positive memories you can recall and refresh? Then do it.Continue Reading

Don’t Leave The Future To Chance

IT is unlikely Robbie Williams had currency fluctuations in mind when he came up with the album title, Swing When You’re Winning. Unfortunately for global businesses, it isn’t always the case that rates of exchange work in their favour and without due care and attention a swing in the wrong direction can mean losing –…Continue Reading