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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Time Is Of The Essence

TIME was when people in business had three-hour lunch breaks, companies carried passengers and home time was all that mattered! These days time is money and it is limited. So it is vital to make the best use of it, be it in business or outside of work. Time management is one of the most…Continue Reading

It’s all about you!

Time to Read – 1 Minute 30 seconds (Some of you were a bit slow last week!) It’s all about you! That’s what I told a client this week! We would normally take this as a sarcastic snipe, but really, the only person who really matters in achieving your goals is you and what will…Continue Reading

The Meet Of The Matter

TO meet or not to meet? It’s not quite up there as a Shakespearean quotation, however, the question will strike a chord with many businesspeople who have been confronted with the dilemma of whether to hold one or not. Committees thrive on them – of course they would wouldn’t they, as isn’t that what they…Continue Reading

Preparation Is The Key

PREPARATION, preparation, preparation. Anybody who has seen Dragons’ Den will appreciate how daunting standing up in front of a gathering can be. The key is to be yourself. To be yourself you have to be relaxed. To be relaxed you have to be confident. To be confident you have to be prepared. Simple! Making a…Continue Reading

Humility is great…

Time to Read – 100 Seconds (give or take) But not to the point of self-destruction Last week I was observing a meeting of Senior Execs, and as I did, I realised something about people who call themselves “humble” – they often appear the most arrogant: • They do not accept compliments (an insult to the…Continue Reading

World Class Toolkit – At Your Service

FOR the modern business owner, a toolkit no longer automatically conjures up images of a spanner, a variety of screwdrivers and a good old adjustable wrench! These days, the term is applied to many forms of information and content, and some of the Naked Leader’s vast array of coaching ‘tools’ were explained and passed on…Continue Reading