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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Lead By Example

WHAT makes a good manager? That is the question posed by the Happiness at Work Index and it was revealed that those who lead by example are vital in keeping staff satisfied in difficult trading times. More than half of those surveyed said that they thought this was the most important quality in a manager…Continue Reading

The Magnificent Seven

Time to Read – A lot less than the film Seven very powerful words to use – in countdown order: 7    Yet The single word that tells you and others that you haven’t given up, and gives you a boost to keep going, as in: “I haven’t achieved that – yet” (“I will”). 6    Thank…Continue Reading

Truth Drives Ford Forward

YOU would expect a man who is the Leadership Development Director of a major car retailer to have drive. Well, in association with The Naked Leader, John Leathem is steering Ford Retail to a culture of openness and transparency, through the ‘Elephant in the Room’ approach, part of the wider leadership transformation programme in Ford…Continue Reading

During Dinner…

Time to Read – 3 Minutes, 3 Seconds During Dinner I delivered a talk! During dinner I delivered a talk Yes, not before, or after, but during! – in London for top technology leaders – I loved it, I think they liked it, and it was a really strange and hungry experience. After I spoke,…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

YOUR people are not your number one asset. They are your only asset. So, place leadership at the heart of everything you do. And do it now. Your HR Director becomes Leadership Director and make sure you have one main leadership provider – yourselves – removing all your external dependence in this vital area. (Extract…Continue Reading